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to 20,000 Hertz sweep capability for any                    The “GB-4000” also has the capability to

        channel or frequency that may be run.                   run 2 frequencies simultaneously from 1
            The “GB-4000” also has the ability to               Hertz up to 20 million Hertz for those who

        sweep up or down through hundreds or                    want to do broad range converging sweeps.
        even millions of frequencies over a pre-                   The “GB-4000” has both sine and square
        selected period of time. The advantage to               wave capabilities. The square wave has a

        this is you can run through many frequen-               10 to 100% duty cycle capability.
        cies one right after another.                               The original 1930s/1950s instruments

            Most generators only have one output                only used three waveforms called sine,
        circuit, but the GB-4000 has two for greater            damped and square wave. The damped
        flexibility in running frequencies. The “Audio          waveform, which only has 11% power out-

        Mode” has a 0.75-watt power output for au-              put, was replaced by the square wave
        dio and RF frequencies from 1 Hertz to                  waveform because it is the most powerful.

        400,000 Hertz used without an RF “carrier”              This waveform is capable of 100% power
        frequency.                                              output. All other waveforms such as triangle
            The other circuit, called “RF Mode” is for          and trapezoid, ramp up and ramp down are

        audio frequencies used with an RF “carrier”             just sales hype and do not have the power
        frequency including all higher RF frequen-              or harmonics that the square wave has. Be-

        cies up to 20 million Hertz. It has a 3.7-watt          cause of this fact they were never used in
        power output which means it not only has                the original instruments. This is the reason
        the power to run one frequency at a time but            why we do not use them either even though

        it is the only frequency generator, like the            we could.
        original 1950’s instruments, that can run up                The “GB-4000” has a 1 to 5000 Hertz

        to   8   frequencies     simultaneously      up   to    gating or pulsing feature with a 10 to 90%
        40,000 Hertz with sufficient power for all 8            duty cycle capability.

        frequencies. This makes it up to 8 times                   Many other frequency generators only
        faster to use than any other frequency gen-             have two connectors but the “GB-4000” has

        erator on the market today.                             four, doubling its capability.
            Nobody wants to spend 24 minutes run-                   Each generator is a small unit weighing
        ning 8 frequencies when you can spend on-               only two pounds. It can be run 24/7 without

        ly 3 minutes running them. Like most of us,             any concern of overheating.
        your time is valuable to you. Why waste                     If you’re one of the many people wanting

        your time with other instruments that can               to own a function generator with the capabil-
        only run 1 frequency at a time instead of up            ities of the “GB-4000” then this is the fre-
        to 8 frequencies at one time.?                          quency generator you should choose.
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