Page 6 - GB-4000 Brochure
P. 6

The GB-4000 is capable of outputting from 2          “carrier” frequency produced harmonic sideband

        to 8 audio frequencies simultaneously. It can also      frequencies. The original number 5 machine
        output 2 radio frequencies simultaneously includ-       could produce from 20 to over 100 sideband fre-
        ing the RF “carrier” frequency. The original ma-        quencies simultaneously depending on the audio

        chines from the number 2 to the number 4 had            frequency used.
        the capability of outputting 2 radio frequencies            Below is a spectrum analysis graph of an orig-

        plus the RF “carrier” frequency including an audio      inal number 5 machine showing these harmonic
        “Gate” or pulsing frequency. The original number        sideband frequencies. The GB-4000, SR-4, and

        5 machine was changed so it could output an au-         M.O.P.A. have this same capability. Using this
        dio frequency range up to 42,500 Hertz which            method the number 5 instrument produced high-

        could be modulated onto a fixed RF “carrier” fre-       er harmonic frequencies of the 139,200 Hertz to
        quency in the 3 million Hertz range. The combi-         the 1,607,450 Hertz range. These higher har-
        nation of using audio frequencies with the RF           monic frequencies were in the 3,000,000 Hertz

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