Page 9 - GB-4000 Brochure
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        “Can run 2 to 8 frequencies at once. That's

           just one of the “GB-4000” differences!”

            The “GB-4000” is one of the most versa-

        tile 20 Megahertz sweep function generators
        ever built, with the average person in mind.
        It incorporates the very best function gener-

        ator technology with the most advanced
        electronics for truly a superior design, yet it

        is so easy to use that anyone can operate it
        with its multi-function key pad.
            The “GB-4000”s frequencies are precise                  Step 1: Press the auto-channel button

        with a .01 resolution and guaranteed not to             using the keypad.
        drift. Just enter a frequency to run and that               Step 2: Using the key-pad enter the auto-

        is the exact frequency you will get.                    channel number you want to use.
            The “GB-4000” has 2,000 programmable                    Step 3: Using the keypad press the run
        channels which can hold up to 48 frequen-               button. Then sit back and let the “GB-4000”

        cies each. These channels can be pro-                   automatically run all the frequencies which
        grammed in single frequency mode or multi-              have been programmed into the auto-

        ple frequency mode. Single mode allows                  channel which you want to use.
        you to run the frequencies one at a time and                The “GB-4000” can easily be custom
        multiple mode allows you to run up to 8 au-             programmed using the key-pad. For those

        dio frequencies simultaneously saving you               who like computers, it comes with software
        time. When programmed it only takes three               that allows you to custom program it from

        easy steps to run any of the 2,000 program-             your computer also. The “GB-4000 also has
        mable channels.                                         an optional channel sweep feature with a 2

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