Page 2 - GB-4000 Brochure
P. 2

An 18 million Hertz frequency generator will output all of the origi-

        nal frequencies that were used. A high-quality frequency generator
        will output accurate frequencies. It should be programmable and ca-

        pable of holding many programmed channels. This will make it possi-
        ble for the user to program a channel only once and then those fre-

        quencies can be run over and over again without the need of re-
        programming the frequencies every time the instrument is used.

            All of the original machines used a “carrier” frequency. The 1936
         machine used a “carrier” frequency in the 3 million Hertz range. A

         “carrier” frequency can be mixed or modulated with many different

         frequencies. The original instruments were used within a few inches
         to 2 feet for maximum power transfer. They also had a 30-foot diame-

         ter or greater useful range so the user could move around freely.

            The glass or Pyrex plasma tube is a noble gas antenna or emitter.
         Metal antennas work best when tuned to the frequency they emit. A

         plasma tube, unlike a metal antenna, has the capability of outputting
         frequencies over a very broad range without the need of being tuned.

         Unlike metal antenna’s plasma tubes also make it so the user can
         safely touch them without any concerns.

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