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original frequencies because 61 of them are RF           frequency range you want, then you will not have
        frequencies and 2 are audio frequencies. Be-             to waste power in harmonics hoping to get the
        cause these EM plasma tube instruments are lim-          frequency you want through audio frequency

        ited to audio frequencies no higher than about           square wave harmonics.
        20,000 Hertz this means their frequency range is            There is a plasma tube instrument that claims

        at least 119,200 Hertz lower than the lowest origi-      it “is the real deal.” But it can only output through
        nal radio frequency of 139,200 Hertz. This is why        its plasma tube frequencies up to 180,000 Hertz
        the frequency range of an instrument is very im-         at 100% modulation and up to 400,000 Hertz at

        portant to understand or you will make the mis-          only 5% modulation. This means it can only out-
        take of purchasing the wrong machine. The origi-         put 10 of 63 original frequencies which are within

        nal machines were all RF instruments.                    its frequency range capability and some of them
           There are many RF instruments sold today              with only 5% power.

        that claim they are genuine machines but they               How can they claim it is the “real deal” when it
        can only output a few of the original frequencies.       cannot output all of the original frequencies?
        This becomes very confusing for people who are           They, like others, try to get around this important

        looking for an instrument. If a frequency instru-        fact by claiming that their instrument can produce
        ment cannot output even the most important               the original frequencies through the questionable

        range of frequencies from 139,200 Hertz to               audio frequency square wave harmonic method.
        1,607,450 Hertz then you are not getting what               The majority of the machines on the market

        you really want. Many of these instruments that          today fall into this category by making the same
        cannot output this range try to get around this im-      square wave harmonics claims. The GB-4000,
        portant fact by claiming they can produce all of         SR-4 1 to 15-watt amplifier and the M.O.P.A.

        these RF frequencies through audio frequency             cover both frequency ranges without needing to
        square wave harmonics.                                   use square wave harmonics. We do use square

           Technically they are correct but in the real          wave harmonics as the original machines did but
        world the power in harmonics drops off so quickly        not in trying to produce the original frequencies
        this doesn’t work as well as they claim. This is         using that method. We built our instrument with

        because their instrument’s frequency range is so         the full range capability. This is why we can state
        low, including their power output, that it makes it      our instruments cover the full frequency range of

        more wishful thinking than reality. If an instrument     all 63 original frequencies and have the Full
        has sufficient power and it can output the actual        Range Resonant Frequency Capability.

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