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The most important information you need to           ergy and then run them in an instrument. But RF
        know about any instrument you are considering           means Radio Frequency so it is impossible to

        purchasing is the frequency range of that instru-       separate RF from a radio frequency. The range
        ment. Most people do not understand that the 63         the frequency is in determines if it is a radio fre-

        original frequencies that were tested and used          quency or an audio frequency. This is important
        ranged from the audio range (1 to about 20,000          to understand because there are EM plasma tube
        Hertz) to 17,033,000 Hertz. These frequencies           instruments which use the Electro-Magnetic

        were found over a 30 year period with the use of        method to emit or output frequencies from their
        4 machines. The number 2 machine became the             plasma tubes. These instruments are only capa-

        number 3 machine when its power output was              ble of outputting audio frequencies. The EM
        increased to 50 watts output. The actual range of       method and RF method are like apples and or-
        the frequencies that were written down on labora-       anges. They are two completely different meth-

        tory notes and documents ranged from 15,779             ods of lighting the plasma tube. The EM method
        Hertz to 17,033,000 Hertz. What many consider           creates a high voltage electromagnetic field,

        to be the most important frequency range of the         which some people are very concerned about, to
        written down frequencies covers from 15,779             light the plasma tube. The original method uses

        Hertz to 1,607,450 Hertz.                               RF to light the plasma tube. This method has a
           The documents show that only 2 of the 63             very low electromagnetic field which most people

        original frequencies were in the audio range and        prefer to use once they understand this fact.
        61 are in the RF or radio frequency range. Some            Many people purchase these EM type plasma
        people are under the incorrect assumption that          tube instruments only to find out later the instru-

        you can separate radio frequencies from RF en-          ment they purchased can only output 2 of the 63

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